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The 'Male' scent of Virility

Unlike androstenone though androstenol do not take on a foul smell when allowed to replicate without being smothered. In fact, androstenol gives out a musk-like smell. The only problem is that the same conditions required to produce naturally large quantities of androstenol - i.e. an extended period of not washing or applying underarm deodorant - is exactly the same conditions that help androstenone thrive on micro-bacteria to produce rank body odor. Moreover, research has identified that free-surface androstenol oxidizes to androstenone over time, further complicating the issue. The solution? Mars X10 for men! Mars X10 for men gives you that irresistible scent of male-ness without the rank body odor! One or two drops of our human pheromones oil containing concentrated androstenol applied to your skin alongside your normal hygiene and grooming routine will help you smell great AND give you INSTANT SEXUAL MAGNETISM. Why? Because androstenol represents MALE VIRILITY! Researchers have PROVED that women are attracted to the chemical signature of androstenol human pheromones when choosing a mate and when ranking men in order of attractiveness!


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human pheromones page
human pheromones page

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