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Pigs - It is a well-known fact that pigs like to search out truffles. Do you know why? Because truffles contain androstenone (similar to androstenone human pheromones) and pigs like it! Females are highly attracted to males that ooze this pheromone and make themselves 'very' available for mating! It has been observed that female pigs exposed to a synthesized androstenone formula arch their backs and instantaneously make themselves ready to be mounted, such is its sexual effect!

Elephants - This animals rely on pheromones to mate. Male elephants use their trunks to place female urine containing sex pheromones in the roof of their mouth so as to stimulate themselves for the act.

Snakes - Female snakes secrete sex-attracting pheromones through their skin just behind the head. Male snakes have very sensitive vomeronasal organs that pick up the scent quickly. Tens if not a hundred or more male snakes in the vicinity are likely to be attracted, and within minutes the female can find herself at the center of a 'mating ball'.


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human pheromones page
human pheromones page

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