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Human pheromones for Women attracting Men

This study involved copulin secretions from pre-menstrual, also menstrual and ovulatory vaginas being presented to the subjects in a chemical odor test while they viewed images of women. They were asked to rate the attractiveness of the images while inhaling the copulin compounds. Results from the study found that copulins from an ovulatory source resulted in less discrimination with regard to female attractiveness. Furthermore, ovulatory samples were observed as having the largest affect on increasing male testosterone levels.

Since these experiments were conducted, several other research studies have supported the claims that behavioral changes are experienced in males when exposed to female human pheromones. All of this confirms one thing - female human pheromones in the form of copulins DO WORK IN EVOKING A SEXUAL RESPONSE FROM MALES!

VenusX10 for women is a human pheromones oil containing concentrated copulin. It is combined with a sweet smelling perfume aroma to give Venus X10 the scent of feminine attraction. One or two drops applied topically to the skin is PROVEN to ATTRACT THE ATTENTION OF MEN: only wear Venus X10 if you dare!


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human pheromones page
human pheromones page

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