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The 'Female' human pheromones scent of Sexual Attractiveness

Copulin human pheromones are short-chained volatile fatty acids derived from estrogen hormones, and are secreted from the vagina. Unlike the male human pheromones these substances are not so much a result of sweat interaction with micro-bacteria, but rather a build up of acids from natural rhesus vaginal functions. These uniquely female human pheromones are intrinsically linked to estrogen levels that rise and fall with a woman's menstrual cycle. During ovulation - a female's prime time to conceive - human pheromones copulins emit their most intense and least unpleasant odor.

In a double-blind experiment involving 60 non-smoking males, fatty acid compositions representing copulin secretions from pre-menstrual, also menstrual and ovulatory vaginas were presented for a chemical odor test. While inhaling the compositions males were asked to rate the attractiveness of females from visual images. It was found that human pheromones copulins from an ovulatory source resulted in less discrimination with regard to female attractiveness than any of the other copulin compositions. Furthermore, ovulatory samples were observed as having the largest affect on increasing male testosterone levels. Subsequent research has supported these findings.


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human pheromones page
human pheromones page

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