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Current Research into Human Pheromones

Other recent research from the institute which includes research into the role of human pheromones in communication, love and sex are listed here: -

  • Communication and cognition (Karl Grammer)

  • Human Pheromones: Integrating Neuroendocrinology and Ethology (James V. Kohl, Michaela Atzmueller, Bernhard Fink, & Karl Grammer)

  • Facial symmetry & personality (Bernhard Fink)

  • Darwinian aesthetics: sexual selection & the biology of beauty (Karl Grammer, Bernhard Fink)

  • Evolutionary psychology of facial attractiveness (Bernhard Fink)

  • Gender typical self presentation and mate selection. Claudia Kment (PhD, Zoology)

  • Changes of movement quality in depressed persons. Astrid J?tte (PhD. thesis)

  • Individual information in human gait. Viktoria Keki (PhD. thesis)

  • Are friends more similar? Lisa Oberzaucher (PhD. thesis)

  • Behavior patterns of sexual jealousy. Harald Winter (MA thesis, biology)

  • How to become friends. J?rg Wipplinger (MA thesis, biology)

  • What identifies a "Basic emotion" Angelika Tessarek (MA thesis, biology)

  • Tilting and impression reexamined. Brigitte DeMonte (MA thesis, biology)

More Research here

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human pheromones page
human pheromones page

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