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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are human pheromones?

  2. Do they work?

  3. How long to they last?

  4. What ingredients make up your human pheromones oil?

  5. Where is best to apply the oil?

  6. How much does your human pheromones oil cost?

  7. Is there a discount for multiple purchases?

  8. Do you offer a refund with your product if I want to return it?

  9. How will my human pheromones oil be delivered?

  10. How safe are human pheromones to use?

  11. I am a gay man - which product should I use?

  12. I am a gay woman - which product should I use?

  13. What is your privacy policy?

1. What are human pheromones? They are natural chemical compounds derived from our own sex hormones that are capable of influencing behavior in people of the same or opposite sex. For a more detailed discussion please click here


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human pheromones page
human pheromones page

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