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Frequently Asked Questions

6. How much does your human pheromones oil cost? $49.99 for a 25ml bottle is our standard price.

7. Is there a discount for multiple purchases? Yes - If you buy 3 bottles you can have them for the price of two, so $99.98 total for 3.

8. Do you offer a refund for your product if I want to return it? Yes, we offer a 100% money back guarantee good for one whole year from purchase. For guarantee and product return information click here

9. How will my human pheromones oil be delivered? Your purchase will be delivered discreetly in plain packaging. The return address will also be discreetly marked. We attempt to process all orders within 24-72 hours of order receipt.

10. How safe are human pheromones to use? Human pheromones are 100% safe to use. Our products, Mars X10 & Venus X10 are constructed from synthesized human pheromones of the same chemical structure as those found to be emitted naturally from our bodies. There are no known side effects (except for instant sexual attraction!)


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human pheromones page
human pheromones page

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Quantity : 1

Quantity : 2 + 1 (FREE)
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