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Human pheromones - strongest on the market for both Men & Women

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What can Mars & Venus X10 human pheromones do for you?

Mars X10 & Venus X10 human pheromones will add a new dimension to your life. Just take a look at what Mars & Venus X10 human pheromones can do for you:

  • Make you more attractive to the opposite sex

  • Heightens awareness of you in people of the same sex

  • Boosts your self-confidence

  • Increases your chances of flirtatious contact with other people

  • Increases your chances of sexual intercourse with other people

  • Gives you a 'presence' in a room full of people

  • Gets you noticed

  • Increases opportunity for more conversations with people you like

  • Increases opportunity for more contact with people you have never met before

  • Provides you with an aura of dominance

  • Helps other people to respect you

  • Gives you a choice of sexual partners

  • Helps you achieve more passionate sex / love-making

  • Provides a new dimension to old relationships

  • Promises you more sexual enjoyment

  • Promises you more social enjoyment

  • Gives you instant sex appeal

  • Human pheromones can do a lot more for you

Mars X10 & Venus X10 human pheromones oils are your secret sex-attraction weapon of the 21st century:are you ready for the Mars X10 or Venus X10 experience?

Wear only if you dare!

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human pheromones page
human pheromones page

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Quantity : 1

Quantity : 2 + 1 (FREE)
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