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Human Pheromones help to increase Sexual Pleasure

Many people in long-term relationships experience the same side effect too - which is great news for people who have been together for 3 years or longer! To find out why we must look once again at the chemical balance of our bodies. When two people first meet and are attracted to each other their bodies produce high levels of adrenalin (the cause of a faster heartbeat and sweaty palms), dopamine (that warm 'feel good' sensation), and phenylethylamine (the high we experience in lust). Phenylethylamine, or PEA as it is sometimes known, is the important chemical here. This is because as a relationship progresses into stability, the body shifts from producing PEA, which induces the desire for frenetic love-making, to increasing production of endorphins - synonymous with a more tranquil, calm and intimate sort of love. The passionate highs of sex are therefore lost, as the motivation dwindles with each passing year.


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human pheromones page
human pheromones page

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