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The following day, once the pendant had been removed, all subjects were assessed on the number of inter-sex social interactions compared to that of a control group. The results were staggering! Women who had worn the pendant containing the androstenol human pheromones were observed as having a significantly higher number of social interactions with men. What's more, the further on into the study the subjects went then the higher the number of social interactions between men & women compared to the control group became!

An examination of the effects of putative pheromones on human judgments - Filsinger EE, Braun JJ, Monte WC (1985); and Sex differences in response to the odor of alpha androstenone. - Filsinger EE, Braun JJ, Monte WC (1990)

Filsinger, Braun and Monte in a 1985 paper found that androstenol human pheromones inhaled by females led to a description of males as being more sexually attractive than before inhaling the androstenol. In later work they tested the effects of androstenone on the influence of male attractiveness in other males. It was found that men exposed to androstenone rated photographs of other males more 'positively' than without the human pheromones.


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