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Human pheromones work!!

If you are reading through this web site and are still not convinced that human pheromones really do work then take some time to review the next few pages:

"Human pheromone triples women's sexual success" - New Scientist 20 March 02

New Scientist reported in March 2002 that a study involving 36 heterosexual women testing a human pheromones additive to their perfume achieved an increase in sexual contact with men of 300%. For a six-week period, 19 out of the 17 women were randomly given a non-active placebo to mix with their perfume while 17 were given the human pheromones compound. 74% of women using human pheromones reported an increase in three or more of the following -

  • male approaches

  • kissing

  • heavy petting

  • sexual intercourse

Interestingly, sexual intercourse was the activity that showed the most dramatic upturn!

For the women who were given the placebo to mix with their perfume, only 23% recorded an increase in any activity, and this was mainly confined to the less intimate activities.

The full article can be read at this site


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human pheromones page
human pheromones page

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