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Human pheromones work!!

A quote from WSVN-TV (March 3, 1998) in reference to human pheromones

"Ever been attracted to someone but weren't really sure why? .... More and more research is pointing to chemicals these days.... undetectable chemicals... human pheromones ... a clear odorless liquid"

PRO7 "TNT" - German Television

Two identical male twins tested the effectiveness of human pheromones in various bars in Cologne, Germany. They wore the same clothes and looked identical in every respect - the only difference was one was wearing human pheromones and one was not.

The hidden TV cameras then told the story! Each twin took turns in taking up the same position in the bar without others knowing that it was two different people. The twin wearing human pheromones was approached quite quickly by two girls. Other girls also made regular eye contact with this twin. The other twin, no matter how available he made himself, did not even achieve eye contact with any women.

The same story repeated itself in bar after bar!


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human pheromones page
human pheromones page

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