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How safe are Human Pheromones?

Bottled human pheromones such as Mars X10 & Venus X10 are 100% safe to use. Mars X10 & Venus X10 are synthesized from natural human sex pheromones, and so are completely in-tune with the natural chemical balance of our bodies. We take concentrated human pheromones and blend them with non-intrusive essential oils to give both Mars X10 & Venus X10 a pleasant aroma, making them enjoyable for you to wear. There are no known side effects from proper use of Mars X10 and Venus X10 human pheromones.

Mars X10 & Venus X10 are for external use only. Never ingest products made of human pheromones unless specifically instructed to do so on the bottle. In general, human pheromones are not designed for internal consumption. Should you accidentally ingest Mars X10 or Venus X10 then please seek immediate medical advice from your doctor.


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human pheromones page
human pheromones page

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