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Human Pheromones are Confidence Boosters

But what does this mean for our confidence? Three types of human pheromones - two human pheromones that are associated with masculinity (androstenol and androstenone), and one human pheromone (copulins) that is distinctly feminine - are proven by study to be capable of invoking specific emotions in others. Men emitting androstenol and androstenone human pheromones, subconsciously conjure up reactions of lust, passion and attraction in women. In other men these same human pheromones create awareness, respect and friendship. They are very influential in portraying a man in a good light. For women emitting the natural chemical scent of copulins, men become empowered by attraction, and other women become much more aware of you and respect you.


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human pheromones page
human pheromones page

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Quantity : 1

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