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Monnel Chemical Senses Center and the University of Pennsylvannia School of Medicine

Researchers Winnifred Walker and George Pretti collected underarm secretions from seven men and women in a recent study in order to test the theory that human pheromones from armpits affect female menstrual cycles. The link between regular sex and the regularity of a woman's reproductive / menstrual cycle are well founded, and the links have been proven through research by the same team.

In this experiment the human pheromones secretions were collected via underarm pads worn by the participants during 18 to 27 hours each week over a 3-month period. Male essence collected, which included the androstenol human pheromones and androstenone human pheromones, was then mixed with alcohol and applied to the upper lips of female test subjects who recorded irregular menstrual cycles and had no regular sexual intercourse.

The results were very interesting! Although the researchers could not deduce whether the human pheromones had been inhaled or absorbed by the skin, the menstrual cycles of these women sped up or slowed down towards a 29.5 day cycle. This is exactly the same effect that is caused by having regular sexual relations.


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human pheromones page
human pheromones page

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