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Human pheromones work!!

Bennett Research, Australia

In Australia, a survey of 306 men by Bennett Research revealed that 90% of them perceived to have had better success with women than before using the human pheromones product. Success rates were recorded as increased responses in women on these activities -

Making conversation - 61%
Starting up a conversation - 52%
Expressing an interest in the man - 43%
Being responsive to him - 40%
Paying unsolicited compliments - 36%
Overt flirting - 34%

Furthermore, 31% of the men who used the human pheromones reported that women deliberately brushed against them, and 30% said that women touched them on some part of the body.

Experiences from the participants in the human pheromones survey

"One night in a bar a woman walked past me and looked at me.


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human pheromones page
human pheromones page

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