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What our customers say about our human pheromones oil:

"Thanks for prompt delivery of my order. As I have just found out, this stuff really works! Please send another bottle of human pheromones oil"

"I have really enjoyed using Mars X10 human pheromones. It has given me a lot more confidence in approaching women, and they really do seem to warm to me!" - Male, aged 31-40

"Yor human pheromones oil works well 4 me - my friends reeaaalllllyyyy jeaolous - thankx"

"When I first got your product through the mail I was really skeptical. I tried it out in the office for a week and also sprayed some on the corner of my desk: by the end of that week, a total of 7 different women came over to talk to me, 3 of them I'd never talked to before but 'dropped by' when they walked past my desk to get to the CEO's office. The effect is noticeable in my male colleagues too. They seem to want to chat to me a lot more!" - Male aged 21-30


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human pheromones page
human pheromones page

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Quantity : 1

Quantity : 2 + 1 (FREE)
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