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Human Pheromones Timeline

Animal pheromones and human pheromones together with the vomeronasal organ (VNO) have a history intertwined with over 300 years of scientific advancement. This page traces their progress from concept to scientific fact:

1703 - Dutch anatomist Dr Frederik Ruysh (1638-1731) notes a small receptacle in the nose that had previously been undetected. This is the first observation of what we now know as the VNO.

1811 - A Danish anatomist by the name of Ludwig Jacobson identifies the VNO in mammals for the first time. The VNO is sometimes referred to as the Jacobson Organ because of his discovery.

1870s - Jean Henri Fabre, a French naturalist who observed moth behavior, hypothesizes that female moths emit a scent to attract male moths to her in order to mate.

1891 - In a study of 200 adult humans using techniques of the time, Potiquet observed that 25% had a VNO present in their nose.

1934 - Pearlman describes the VNO of many animals in detail, discovers the VNO present in human embryos and postulates that it is present in adult humans too.

1959 - Adolf Butenandt discovers the existence of pheromones in silkworms. This is the first positive identification of pheromones in any animal on Earth.


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human pheromones page
human pheromones page

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