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Human Pheromones Timeline

1960s - Adolf Butenandt's discovery sparks theories about human pheromones and how they contribute to our reproductive behavior via the VNO. University of Utah anatomists discover human skin cells are able to invoke chemical changes in other people, fuelling the concept of human pheromones still further.

1970s - Human pheromones become a hot topic and it divides the scientific community - a division that still exists today! Some believe that human pheromones must exist, although there is no evidence for them at this time, while other scientists dismiss the concept of human pheromones out of hand.

1986 - After years of painstaking work, researchers at the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia identify and succeed in isolating human pheromones. This is the first time any evidence for the existence of human pheromones has been found.

1999 - Pheromones are officially defined in scientific circles as a "chemical excreted by animals that promotes behaviors which perpetuate the species"

2000 - Researchers succeed in identifying a human gene named V1RL1 which is believed to encode receptors to receive human pheromones.

2001 to Present - Funding for a large number of research projects awarded to explore human pheromones further.


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human pheromones page
human pheromones page

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