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Human pheromones - strongest on the market for both Men & Women

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Why choose Mars X10 / Venus X10 human pheromones?

  • Strongest human pheromones oil on the market

  • Contains synthesized human pheromones in concentrated form

  • 100% money back guarantee good for 1 year from purchase

  • 97% customer satisfaction record

  • 9/10 people who buy Mars X10 & Venus X10 say that they achieve "significant results!"

Mars X10 & Venus X10 are lab-certified pheromone oils containing synthesized human pheromones in concentrated form. Unlike some other so-called pheromone products on the market we do not use animal pheromones, which are proven not to work on humans.

Mars X10 human pheromone oils for men contains a powerful mix of the two main female-attracting human pheromones - androstenol and androstenone. They are combined with non-intrusive essential oils to give our product a uniquely subtle fragrance that makes Mars X10 a pleasure to wear. The percentage of androstenol and androstenone in our formula is one of the highest available over the Internet today. You are almost guaranteed success in attracting women when you add a few drops of Mars X10 human pheromones to your skin!

Venus X10 human pheromones oil for women is uniquely formulated to drive men wild!


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human pheromones page
human pheromones page

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Quantity : 1

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