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Human pheromones for Men attracting Women

Androstenone is intrinsically linked to male dominance and aggression - criminal pathologists have found that male prisoners sectioned in violent wings of prisons are naturally high secretors of androstenone.

Studies have found that females are naturally attracted to androstenone secretion too. At the University of Kentucky, USA a test group of females were exposed to images of males pre-sprayed with androstenone human pheromones. It was found that the group rated the attractiveness of male subjects sprayed with androstenone higher than those without the human pheromones. Elsewhere, in a double blind placebo study, 40 males were given cologne to test, none of them knowing what they were testing it for. After 8 weeks attached males who wore the cologne reported under baseline questioning more frequent liaisons with their wives/girlfriends, while single males reported increased affection, flirtation, eye contact, dates and sexual intercourse with women.

Many other similar studies have been conducted to test the receptiveness in females of these two human pheromones. Time and time again the results are the same - WOMEN GIVE A HIGHER RATING OF ATTRACTIVENESS TO MEN EXPOSED TO HUMAN PHEREMONES!


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human pheromones page
human pheromones page

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